Margot (wildcherry420) wrote in prenatal_yoga,


Hi! My name is Margot and I am 23. I just got the name of this community, and wanted to join. I have started doing prenatal yoga now that I am 14 weeks, I feel I need to be more prepared physically and mentally for childbirth. I physically NEED the prep, since I am not an active person right now and the stretching alone has already made a difference in hoe I feel. I have a good feeling that my little Peanut is healthy, and I want to be prepared to give birth to a full sized baby. We lost our first baby shortly after childbirth, but because of his condition he was very underweight. I am scared to give birth, or that I will be able to, and I believe doing the prenatal yoga will help me with that.

I am using the video called ZenMama right now. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I like to be able to switch videos and try different ones!
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