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I'm currently TTC and doing research on ways to exercise and stay fit throughout my pregnancy. I'm interested in prenatal yoga but I've had no previous experience with yoga and don't see myself attending classes. Can anyone recommend a prenatal yoga dvd/video for a beginner to yoga such as myself?


Hi all I'm new. I love yoga, though I'm still quite a novice. I'm getting ready to begin ttc and I thin yoga will be a major key in keeping my mind and body prepared for the journey of childbirth. I'm so excited and can't wait to get a routine down.

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How often should I be taking prenatal yoga classes? Currently I wanted to start off slow by doing it once a week. But, will I see results?
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I am new to this community. I'm 20 weeks along (EDD 10/14/06) and my doctor recently recommend I take a prenatal yoga class.

I signed up for it last Saturday and yesterday evening was my first class. I LOVE IT! It is such a wonderful, relaxing hour. Our instructor helped us with poses that are modified for being pregnant. So gentle, yet so wonderful! I felt very relaxed and the stretches felt sooo good.

I look forward to reading the different posts in this community and getting to know other mother's thoughts on Prenatal Yoga!



My name is Emily. I'm 20yrs old and 18w6d pregnant with my third baby. Hubby and I got pregnant with this one when our current baby was only 6mos old and my body had virtually no time to heal from my previous emergency c/s. I am very interested in prenatal yoga but don't really know where to start. Any books you would recommend?


Hi! My name is Margot and I am 23. I just got the name of this community, and wanted to join. I have started doing prenatal yoga now that I am 14 weeks, I feel I need to be more prepared physically and mentally for childbirth. I physically NEED the prep, since I am not an active person right now and the stretching alone has already made a difference in hoe I feel. I have a good feeling that my little Peanut is healthy, and I want to be prepared to give birth to a full sized baby. We lost our first baby shortly after childbirth, but because of his condition he was very underweight. I am scared to give birth, or that I will be able to, and I believe doing the prenatal yoga will help me with that.

I am using the video called ZenMama right now. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I like to be able to switch videos and try different ones!
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modified yoga poses

tips that will be useful once your belly gets quite bigger

  • Spread your legs slightly (about shoulder-width) for all forward-folds, to give
    your belly room;

  • On spinal twists like the revolved triangle pose and
    the one we called in college the "swimsuit model stretch", reverse your arms so
    your belly is facing away from your legs, not towards it;

  • Avoid the bow pose
    (this one was obvious to me right away, I spent the first part of this segment
    of the class in spread-legged child's pose) and its
    variations; for a gentle backbend, try the reclining
    bound angle
    (shown in the photo) with a block under your hips to provide the